Homework for the Eve Class


Watch the following…please discuss on FB.

Consider story, pacing, imagery, etc.

In your notebooks, add:

  • Panning
  • Speaking – I will post a file for you to download…
  • …you can TRY the button coding, but we will be doing this F2F on 3/19


Be prepared for when we return (in two weeks! March 19th.) by reading the following articles linked on the typography page of this blog (i am too lazy to re-link all!):

  • #5: The top ten crimes against typography
  • #6: Combining type
  • #7: Visuals on kerning & tracking

Peruse the other articles for more good info and even inspiration!

Consider your next TWO assignments:

  1. The mix/don’t mix typography assignment:
    • Review the project specifications.
    • As mentioned in the specs, be sure that you have reviewed the type readings and examples above.
    • Choose two words – per the directions – that either go together (bread & butter), or do NOT go together. (oil & water).
    • Create 5 static screens of these two words together that tell the story of those two words. Use the size and color specs from the assignment.
  2. The final project. Consider what type of work you are interested in pursuing – interactive, film titles, character animation, rotoscope – and find an example that you admire or would like to aspire to.