About My Name

Angela Berlingeri is my name…

…ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.

Although I use “aberling” for most online things, that’s just the beginning. The name goes on; it’s BERLINGERI, Angela Berlingeri, and it’s pronounced “Berl” (as in burly), plus “in” and “geri” like “Jerry”. That’s it: BERLINGERI. Now you’ve got it.

The name used to embarrass me; seven syllables in all with the first name. My father used to tell stories of arriving at hotels to find two rooms; one for Berl and one for Geri.

I’ve been called everything from “Ben & Jerry’s” to “Bowl of Cherries”!

I’ve grown into it more or less. It’s sort of melodious. And it’s amusing to say it slowly and clearly when introducing myself to see who glazes over, and who is linguistically fearless.

Anyway, now you know my name. Just “Angela” is fine, and aberling is easier to type than the whole shabang.

GEEK FOOTNOTE: I started using “aberling” way back when all you got was 8.3 file names!