Self Directed Learning

Never Stop Learning

In this industry, we ALL need to keep learning and solving problems as they arise. Often the best thing to do is to Google or Bing the exact thing you are looking for. However…be sure to check the dates on how-to’s, information, and tutorials, and know that not all are correct and/or accurate. Although broad sweeping in their scope, here are a few reliable resources:

Animation & Related

Web Design

  • W3schools: STILL FREE! Interactive code learning as well as web standards and more.
  • Treehouse: For learning all things web. Reasonably priced.
  • Pluralsight. (Formerly Code School) If you don’t like the goofy videos of Treehouse, you may prefer Code School. Free trial then paid.
  • LinkedIn Learning…see below.

Software, Technical & General Design Collections

  • Adobe: Lots of examples and tutorials for each Adobe tool.
  • LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Well-known video tutorials on many MANY topics. Free through most public libraries.