Intermediate Notebook :: Part 2 of 3

Continuing the Notebook Project, this segment will contain the following exercises in addition to the basic techniques. All of the exercises should be a unique scene in one .fla file.

  1. A working menu with three or more links to scenes
  2. Shape Tween
  3. Masking :: Static
  4. Masking :: Animated
  5. Animated Symbols, with start & stop…pause.
  6. Smoke_Fog
  7. Buttons (include an animated example, an invisible button, one with sound and either a small/big photo or a bitmap button.
  8. Panning
  9. Talk (syncing sound and phonemes)
  10. Rotoscope
  11. Walk Cycle (Bones)
  12. Spring (Bones)
  13. Working with sound
  14. Grunge
  15. Vectorize-ing Bitmaps
  16. Bitmap Animation
  17. Publish to HTML

Don’t forget (again) to:

  • Name your scenes, symbols, and layers.
  • Name the scenes in such a way that I don’t have to hunt for them.(For example “masking” = good name; “spotlight text” = poor name.
  • Eliminate unnecessary symbols from the library. (Select unused/delete)
  • Be sure that your menu and return scripts work
  • Include a recording or Garage Band piece of music.

How to Turn It In

Here is how to turn in the intermediate notebook:

Create a folder with your name on it. Inside place two folders:

  1. support
  2. site (or website)

In the “support” folder, place your completed .fla file.
In the “site” folder, place the .swf, the. html and any other files Flash generates for the site (.swz, etc.)

Put in the student drop OR email by 11:59 p.m. today.