Basic Notebook :: Part 1 of 3

These are the requirements for the “Basic” portion of your notebook.

This is part one of three segments of your notebook project.
Each item below should be represented by a scene ALL CONTAINED IN ONE FILE.

Stage size: 860 x 540px (1/2 of HDTV 1080, 16 x 9 ratio)
Frame rate of 29.97.

  1. Transform, including:
    • Scale
    • Skew
    • Flip
    • Squash
    • Stretch
    • Any other
  2. Color Effects
  3. Rotate (360°), Full rotation, partial rotation, Pivot & Orbit (Clock)
  4. Easing
  5. Bitmap/Importing PhotoShop
  6. Frame by Frame (handwriting and animated symbol)
  7. Vector/Importing Illustrator
  8. Prefab Bounce (with Event Sound & Intro to the Motion Presets)
  9. Display Effects
  10. Filters
  11. Type Animation (with Copy Tween & Custom Preset)
  12. Abstract Animation Event & Streaming Sound
  13. Custom Bounce (Squash & Stretch)
  14. Your unique “try the techniques” scenes (x3)- Hybrid class, you currently have only 1.

There is also a bonus possibility: creating a custom shadow for your custom bounce scene!

You should also have:

  • A sound effect and a repeating sound
  • A clean library (see the tutorial!)
  • All scenes named
  • All symbols named
  • All layers named