Cinemagraphs can bring photos to life. Technically they are just animated gifs, but with a new look and use.

Fashion Cinemagraph

These gifs have been “rebranded” to appear more sophisticated. They are often/typically created from frames of video or burst photos.

These more subtle, sophisticated gifs, like the one to the left, are often used in fashion photography but can work in lots of other ways too.

Fashion Examples

Typical of a fashion photo with limited movement draws your attention to the model, hair/face, then legs/jacket. You can see that the odd isolated movement is really good for drawing all of your attention to a specific area of the image, or a detail.

©2016 Elyan Parker

Pretty girl in pink.

Another example of a fashion cinemagraph, with lovely, simplified movement.

©2011 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg


Even though it is spelled out in sparklers, I didn’t notice the brand “Chanel” right away!

Arresting in its sparsity (lots of black!) it conveys a strong message about this brand: rare, rich, royal…stunning.

©2018 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Taxi reflection


This one could be considered lifestyle, editorial, or even art image.

©2011 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg


This illustration tells an intriguing visual story and incorporates frames from video, and filtered effects to create this illusion.

© Jerry Uelsmann

Pulp Fiction dance scene

This illustration captures a key moment from the movie “Pulp Fiction”. It was probably quite a challenge to find the perfect loop for both characters. Notice that “his” movements are slightly more perfect than “hers”. Artist unknown.

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