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Type Nerd Humor

Enjoy a few silly viddies of type humor.

Ransom Note wreaks havoc during a Font Conference!

The sequel to Font Conference…

Na-na-na-Nuetra Face…you guessed it a Lady GaGa parody.

Type Goes to the Movies

I’ve never seen this, but the trailer is interesting. Typeface Official Trailer.

Helvetica, the movie.

The Girl Effect

This beautifully done type animation not only talks about a difficult problem, but offers hope and invites us to be part of the solution. Continue reading

Nuclear Bombs

Why This Speaks to Me

This amazing video doesn’t need to preach; it simply, visually, displays how many (2053!) nuclear bombs have been exploded around the world, and by whom, between 1945, and 1998. Continue reading

Self Esteem?

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Most of us have seen it, but it’s worth another look. Continue reading