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After Effects Tips

Here are several general tips for using After Effects

Basic Audio Editing: Audacity

Audacity…it’s FREE and available on both Mac & PC.

Find the version you need and download it here:

Once you have it, you can record, AND/OR edit your sounds and music.

Here are some basic tutorials to get you started:

Here is an older video of mine that covers much the same info as the one above.

One of the more interesting things you can do is change the pitch of a voice (your voice?) from female to male or vice versa. Here is a very quiet video, showing use of the pitch effect. You can experiment with 10 – 20%, or go crazy and create “chipmunks” or “monsters”. Just watch out for too much distortion!!

Eadward Muybridge: Filmmaker, Photographer, Inventor (1830–1904)

Portrait of Muybridge There is much to explore in the accomplishments of this unique photographer/inventor…his eccentricities, his acquittal of murder, his photographic explorations of the Alaskan Tlingits in 1868. But for our purposes, we are focusing on his timed photographs. Continue reading